If you're looking for some easy recovery hacks for cyclists, look no further. 
This may be a joke, but that doesn't mean we're not right.
Here's what you need to know. 
This is a joke
This is not a real cookbook! Cyclists like to think a cold beer after a ride counts as recovery. We tend to agree with this notion. 
Beer is great
This "cookbook" is made out to look as if it's full of 100 ways to cook kale, but instead it is full of pages with just one word: Beer. 
you should buy this BOOK
Cycling and beer tend to go hand in hand, so we all know someone who would get a kick out of this. This is the ultimate gag gift for that cyclist friend who takes themselves just a little too seriously. 
We think this is the #1 gift of 2018!
The Cyclist's Guide to Recovery is a book that was written and published this year! 
I hate cooking healthy recovery food, so this book gave me just what I needed to stop trying and grab a beer instead. 
This book has a bunch of pages, and they all turn! A perfect addition to your decorative bookshelf. 
Meet alex
Alex Smith is a completely fictitious person, a professional cyclist and a nutritionalist based in New York. He has never worked with athletes to master the art of recovery, so you probably shouldn't listen to anything he has to say. 
*Seeing as Alex does not actually exist, this photo is an unrelated stock image. 
Have some fun giving this hilarious gift to someone you know! 
Just $24.99 + shipping!
1% Satisfaction Guarantee
Not sure whether to purchase or not? Rest assured that we have a 1% satisfaction guarantee. Any less than a measurable 1% satisfaction and you'll probably get your money back. Or maybe we'll just send you a cold beer. 
(Just kidding. We have a regular 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a no questions asked 30-day refund).
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